PIVX, it found life once the crypto community couldn’t acknowledge the future of DASH. In accordance with insider Crypto S.We. the DASH neighborhood was torn between developing the ultimate personal privacy coin and scaling to attain a mass audience.

What’s PIVX?

PIVX takes the best top features of DASH and adds several unique features. The cryptocurrency runs on the privacy protocol called zk-SNARKs or zero-knowledge proofs that is also found in zCash, incorporating privacy and Proof Stake (PoS).

The Zerocoin Whitepaper

Zerocoin is really a cryptocurrency that has been proposed in a paper by professor Matthew D. Green and two graduate students. Its aim would be to extend the Bitcoin protocol with true anonymous transactions. In this sense, PIVX has superior privacy features in comparison to Bitcoin.

Great things

PIVX is more energy conserving than other Proof Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies because of the PoS consensus mechanism. Gleam network of masternodes that keep up with the PIVX blockchain.


Rather than being built on a PoW algorithm like DASH, where miners need to spend computer resources to verify the blockchain, the PIVX algorithms depends on PoS. PIVX is also very different to other privacy coins like Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC) for the reason that it doesn’t require mining to create new coins but holders earn a stake or reward for simply holding PIVX in a wallet. Proof Stake is a approach to distributed consensus. Holders of PIVX are rewarded for getting the coins within their wallet. Another great feature of PIVX may be the see-saw algorithm and Instant Transactions using SwiftTX.

PIVX Masternode

A PIVX Masternode needs 10 000 PIVX to be locked in a wallet on the server as collateral. Masternodes earn rewards for offering services to the PIVX network. The type of the masternodes concept is they should be fully decentralized and trustless. The rewards to masternode holders are slightly higher returns than to wallet holder who stake PIVX for rewards. These rewards are variable and so are dependant on a see-saw algorithm.

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This custom algorithm is really a clever reaction to networks that become too masternode heavy. This results in issues linked to governance. With DASH masternode owners have voting rights and greater control on the network. This makes influence more centralized and that usage of owning a masternode is accessible to a select few. The more masternodes someone gets the more influence they will have over decisions. The see-saw algorithm of PIVX checks the quantity of masternodes in comparison to the quantity of PIVX staked at exactly the same moment. If the quantity of masternodes is too many then your algorithm adjusts the rewards which are released to masternode owners. They’ll earn less rewards. That is to incentivize masternode owners to rather stake coins and present up voting rights. In this sense there’s a greater decentralization of voting rights and a larger distribution of PIVX holders. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the way to obtain PIVX is unlimited.


PIVX’s SwiftTX is near instant transaction times where transactions are confirmed within minutes. That is accomplished through the network of masternodes and transactions don’t need multiple confirmations like Bitcoin before it really is spendable.

Unlimited Coin Supply

Unlike Bitcoin that includes a maximum coin way to obtain 21 million Bitcoin, PIVX doesn’t have this limit. PIVX acts such as a digital currency. The way to obtain any currency should increase and become subject to inflation.

The PIVX supply increase by 5% per year. You won’t upsurge in value but be deflationary like fiat currency. The reasoning is that folks will undoubtedly be incentivized to transact with PIVX, not hold it. Rather than a central bank profiting from the currency devaluation, the brand new coins which are generated are returned to the masternode and wallet holders through PoS rewards. This benefits the city directly. The costs of masternodes won’t skyrocket in future and also be affordable which is an extra bonus.

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You are not in a position to purchase PIVX with “Fiat” currency which means you should first purchase another currency – easy and simple to get are Bitcoin or Ethereum which you are able to do at Coinbase utilizing a bank transfer or debit / charge card purchase and trade that for PIVX at an exchange which lists the token.

The development team is busy implementing the Zerocoin protocol into deterministic wallets for PIVX. This protocol is dubbed zPIV. An excellent and unique feature of zPIV is your wallet balance could be masked. This is ideal for security and for deterring potential hackers from stealing your funds. Additionally it is a totally unique feature to only PIVX.

Deterministic PIVX Wallet

A deterministic wallet is really a wallet that may easily be restored or backup utilizing a backup phrase. The user doesn’t need to learn the private key to revive the wallet. Because the zPIV protocol works together with zero knowledge proofs there is absolutely no link between your sender and receiver. Sending PIVX utilizing the zPIV protocol is 100% anonymous and untraceable. Normally, this is more information on words. This can include future and past backups of any private PIVX minted. That is good news as users won’t have to keep backups whenever they mint new private PIVX coins. As well as the wallet features they also intend to introduce staking of zPIV called zProof-of-stake (zPOS).


Holders may also stake zPIV coins. The benefit of this is that they can have the ability to earn higher rewards. This creates a more impressive network of nodes which are instantly available. Because the PIVX coin is really a privacy cryptocurrency, most of the contributors prefer to keep their identities hidden. Hardly any of the actual associates are listed on the site. PIVX is really a next generation cryptocurrency that targets decentralization.

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