The year begins with a record-breaking market cap for Bitcoin on its eighth anniversary. 2017 promises to be a great year for Bitcoin, digital currencies, and blockchain technology in general. Bitcoin Magazine reached out in the first week of 2019 to a number of thought leaders and stakeholders to give a glimpse into the future. Roger Ver, Bitcoin Evangelist & Investor: “2017 is expected to be the best year for Bitcoin. Already, we are witnessing all-time highs in terms market cap. We are also likely to see all-time highs in bitcoin price. Nothing is more powerful that an idea that has reached its time. And clearly, the separation of state and money is happening before our eyes. With the ex-CEO of Barclays bank appointed to’s board, I believe 2017 will see traditional banks become more involved in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Core Developer

“2017 will see more modularization and layering in network architectures. We will also see significant breakthroughs in privacy-enhancing crypto and practical demonstrations of trustless – or minimal trust-off-chain protocols with economic viability instant microtransactions. There will also be general improvements to bootstrapping mechanisms to extend blockchain networks with less social friction.

Kathleen Breitman

“I believe one of the most remarkable aspects about the space is how open regulators have been to learning about use-cases for both public and private blockchains. Public blockchains will continue to see regulators adopt a wait-and-see approach. They will place emphasis on financial control, but keep a light hand on the technology.

Alejandro De La Torre

“If the demonetization that we have seen in countries like India or Venezuela continues, I expect to see a boom in Bitcoin interest. Bitcoin security is another trend I see emerging. Many users are realizing that bitcoins are not safe on exchanges and switching to wallets with stronger security or cold storage.

Stephen Pair

“I believe that we will see a renewed focus upon the Bitcoin blockchain. We’ll see some new applications of Bitcoin blockchain that do simple but very powerful things. People will see Bitcoin in a new light.”

Aaron Voisine

“I believe that bitcoin will be recognized as an uncorrelated asset for large numbers of money managers and financial advisers in 2017. However, this won’t be of much benefit if all the assets’ values move in the same direction. Any prudent financial advisor will recommend that you have a diverse portfolio of assets. Diversification means that you have some assets that are more valuable than others. Bitcoin is an example of an asset that has proven to increase in value during times of fear or economic turmoil. I believe that many money managers will start to view it as a prudent addition in their portfolios.

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Anthony Di Iorio

“I see new well-led projects that will provide enhancements and improvements to the Bitcoin and Ethereum infrastructures. Rootstock from Argentina and Qtum from China are two of the projects I’m keeping an eye on for 2017. Zcash, Monero and Dash are also things I am optimistic about.

Manfred Karrer

“I expect three things. First, regulations will be made regarding cryptocurrency exchanges. The war on cryptocurrencies, gold, and cash will intensify. Privacy-protecting technologies such as Monero and Zcash, will gain in importance.

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

Smart contracts are a great way to resolve disputes. It has the potential to decentralize important parts of society, such as Governance, Law, and Security. This is a timely development in an era where only 3% Americans believe they can trust their elected officials, according a Pew Research Centre survey. There are many initiatives already in place, including Decentralized Court, Crowdjury, Crowdjury, and BitNation’s Pangea platform.

Max Kordek

“I believe that VCs are going to discover the value of cryptocurrencies, or so-called App Coins’ and will start to invest heavily in this sector of the market. Second, projects such as Lisk and Ethereum will allow developers to dive into blockchain development. This will become a ‘trend’ in the same way that iOS development became a huge industry and trend. The final point will be user experience. Their leaders will see that creating a user experience that is elegant and appealing is essential to gaining mainstream adoption.

Trace Mayer

“Bitcoin’s network effect will become more established during 2017. I believe we will see a shift in scaling via Segregated Witness. This will allow for millions of daily users. ETFs will also be used in many new and existing use cases, financialization, and other areas. This will allow for huge amounts of investment capital to be brought into the industry.

Joey Krug

“I believe the biggest trend in 2017 is the first wave decentralized applications that go live on Ethereum. Bitcoin allows us trustlessly to send money, but Ethereum allows us trustlessly to do things like programmatically controlling when it can be sent and when it cannot. This is something that Bitcoin’s script does not allow for. This is a huge deal as it means that we will finally see some practical and fun consumer-focused applications for Blockchain tech. Think decentralized prediction markets, centralized poker, and many other applications of Blockchain tech.

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Alex Tapscott

“One, a major central banking institution will live-test a digital fiat currency. It will work very well and lead to wider adoption. Large banks will also shift large amounts of OTC transactions to real-time settlement via private distributed ledgers. Santander, Goldman Sachs and Barclays are expected to lead the charge. Companies large and small, in every industry, will start developing a blockchain strategy and hiring IT talent. I’m referring to insurers, defense contractors, music labels, and healthcare providers.

Online Casinos

Cryptocurrencies may not be capable of grab mainstream news headlines since it did just a few years back, more folks are exploring cryptocurrencies because of their true purpose. The pioneer of the, Bitcoin, in a latest revelation, referred to as Aragon Court. But within the last few years. Some iGaming brands have previously embraced cryptocurrencies.If there’s taking care of of the iGaming – online gambling – industry that outsiders have to understand, it’s that it’s wildly competitive. With more and much more new and exciting platforms launching each year, brands are forced to obtain innovative to remain ahead. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cryptocurrency was adopted so quickly.

As cryptocurrencies provide most secure way of creating a transaction. There’s without doubt that more online casino platforms will quickly add a wider selection of cryptocurrency transaction methods, especially as coins beyond Bitcoin – such as for example Ethereum, that is arguably overtaking Bitcoin in neuro-scientific decentralized finance – have become more popular. Actually, through the Q3 of 2019, it had been discovered that over 1.1 million cryptocurrency transactions were being made each day over the likes of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Litecoin, DASH, and Ethereum.

As soon as 2013, it was discovered that online gambling transactions within a month accounted for around over 50 percent of most Bitcoin transactions. While you can find more ways that someone can use cryptocurrencies nowadays, iGaming continues to be a favorite place for people to utilize their cryptocurrency.

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More awareness, more users

While many people over the internet have supported cryptocurrencies for more than ten years, it wasn’t until Bitcoin’s surge in cost after some duration back that lots of people even found out about cryptocurrency. Price was never the idea of Bitcoin, who then discovered other cryptocurrencies and how they could be used as superior options to fiat currencies in lots of ways. With Bitcoin because the headline act and famous brands.