When you have been sticking with my articles recent months, you have seen we’ve covered a lot of various coins, using a large amount of different mining algorithms. A very important factor that I feel plenty of mining youtube stations or mining publications usually do not cover is, how will you know very well what coin to mine? It really is more complicated than that, as you have to have a mining technique before you get your equipment and commence mining various coins.


In this guide I am explaining how exactly to setup your technique before you buy your products, and what the various mining strategies are as soon as you start mining. Note we will not really end up being covering ASIC mining in this post, just GPU mining.

Choosing Your Gear. you must do quite a few research and develop a longterm plan. Right now their is principally two different route you can begin your mining trip on. And is effective with Linux, and Home windows, that are better with AMD GPU’s and so are mainly using Windows.

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Etheruem also has plans to change to POS soon, therefore we shall not focus on them because of this article. So to find this out you must do some light analysis on some of the coins from each algorithm. You may use whattomine to get this done by search for just Equihash coins or just Cryptonight coins.

The Checklist

They checklist about 23 coins at this time. This will be not a whole list but it are certain to get you the primary coins in those types. If you would like more coins you will have to research at forums along with mining pools, leafpool.com/ and also the forums in bitcointalk and reddit.

You should base your choice not just on profitability, but additionally what coins you think later on will have probably the most value. We shall cover this in greater detail within the next section.

Mining Techniques

So once you decided what common mining algorithm you want to mine and you also get your equipment, we’ve to have another strategy set up. Note it is possible to change your strategy anytime, and I jump between different ones every month.

In general listed below are the mining strategies:

  • Mine probably the most profitable coin
  • Mine the coin you think would be the best investment (speculative mining)
  • Mine probably the most rewarding coin, sell it and purchase other coins (mineable or not really) that you think to function as best investment (a kind of speculative mining) (that is the best strategy and what I’m currently using at this time)
  • Mine the coins that just begin with a reduced hashrate, to get a large amount of them, and hope they obtain listed on an exchange.
  • Also when selling: Do I market it and keep carefully the bitcoin?; Perform I sell it and purchase altcoins?; Individually I have used all of these at some time while mining. I’ve also had times where in fact the most rewarding coin to mine, had been the coin I thought had been the best investment.
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Which Way?

Well there is really not a good response to this. SINCE I HAVE have tried every one of them, I would need to say in my viewpoint the simplest way to mine is a mixture of them. Right here is what I really do

I usually mine probably the most rewarding coin for my machine. Frequently the most profitable coin isn’t what you think is the best investment, so that you can mine it and weekly market it on the exchanges to get the coin you believe is the best investment. I really do this because I really do not get why you’ll mine another coin. Now you also have to look at the fees from exchanges. This implies you will end up paying a withdraw charge 2 times, so make sure you include that in when determining your path of how exactly to mine X coin and transfer it into Y coin. Frequently you also will need to sell on one swap and send the money to some other swap, buy your coin and withdraw. If Y coin will be mineable, sometimes it might be better just to direct mine it.

Another issue to bear in mind is that the majority of times, the most rewarding coins are coins with reduced market caps. Otherwise they might lose plenty of their percentage value rapidly.

My Strategy

Currently my setup would be to mine the most rewarding coin for my devices, sell to the exchanges every week, and buy coins that I really believe are good investments.

Despite the fact that I used revenue from BTC to get my mining equipment, I’m not really mining and trying to have the BTC back. The reason behind the reason being I calculated it would have a long time (over 12 months) to get this done. Also I believe you can find better altcoins which will do much better than bitcoin.

If you opt to do this, be sure you keep monitor of how much your offering on the exchanges, in this manner you know in BTC worth did you ever pay back your mining computers.

I love buying altcoins that I really believe in this way aswell, because it forces one to buy them slowly weekly and typical out your buys, rather than buying a large BTC quantity of them at once.

Bitcoin Mining

Now, every occasionally it makes sense to carry your mining money. it could be a good concept to hold the coin to find the free forked coin. Nonetheless it may not really be,

Their are also occasions when you may need to store you BTC mining rewards rather than business them for alt coins. For instance if you have been purchasing an altcoin for some time, and you have the price is too higher, and you do not need it other altcoins, then it might be worth it to carry onto the BTC and soon you feel the price isn’t to expensive.

Another thing is a lot of the periods in a bear market this is a better technique to hold your bitcoin, as the alt coin price is commonly cheaper in a bear marketplace.

Mining New Coins

Mining New Coins (Speculative Mining). By mining probably the most rewarding coin and offering it for BTC or another altcoin, you’ll still take a very long time to usually pay back your rigs. For this reason it is a good notion to take a set period of time perhaps a few days monthly, and make an effort to mine coins which have just come out and also have a low hashrate. Using this method you will get a more impressive amount of coins in comparison to in the event that you mine that coin when it includes a higher hashrate. Usually they are coins that have aren’t listed on an exchange however, so you have no concept what the price will end up being, or if it’ll even get on an swap. These are not often forks of coins, since a lot of people know about them before they arrive it. These will be like Ravencoin some time ago when just a few people knew about any of it, or any coin that’s not properly known and has a minimal hashrate, and has been recently released.

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To Mine Ravencoin

The next thing is to know where to find brand-new mineable coins. Among the best, but most frustrating may be the Bitcointalk announcements thread that’s where you will find out about coins your day they come out. Additionally you want to make use of mining pools and little exchanges as well to consider new coins they checklist. Reddit’s GPU mining area also offers some information.

Choosing Good Coins

Well there’s plenty of information in the response to the question. The basics will be that first you will need to begin on the coins website. After that you want to consider the associates, and see if they’re qualified or experts within their industry. You want to search for their whitepaper, and study it, or at the very least skim through it. I’ve seen groups where their is advertising, advisors, leaders, but hardly any developers on the group.

You will also desire to make certain they have some form of working product, or anticipate having one soon. Additionally you need to consider, is this a kind of product that should be on the blockchain, or can it be an internet site or app. If it generally does not have to be on the blockchain you might want to look at additional coins.

Utility Tokens

Another big question will be is this a computer program token? A utility token is actually a tokenized cash coin, that may only be used within a particular system. Simply the question involves mind, Which means that the token will great when their is really a constant flow of customers and retailers, but there is no longterm reason (except cost speculation) to carry onto the token. For instance this would be considered a coin where people purchase it just to make use of a dapp, and beyond that dapp it does not have any value. Personally, i like cryptocurrencies that provide grounds to carry like POS, underlining systems that additional coins can build together with, or something that you might use which has value. Sometimes you can get coins which have all three of these which is always interesting when you look for a coin like that.

Proof Stake Coins

If the coin you select is really a token (NEP-5 or ERC20 etc) you might want to check should they have plans on learning to be a coin anytime soon. In the event that you appear at https://coinmarketcap.com/ you can view that most of the very best cryptocurrencies are coins or even tokens that anticipate being a coin.

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Also be sure you research the competitors of your coin. Do they will have any competitors, and if just how do they compare? Also notable traders and dealing with real world companies can be a plus aswell.

We also desire to consider the coins metrics because this may tell us if it’s a good time to get a good coin. You usually desire to note that the circulating supply reaches least fifty percent of what the full total supply is. The even more that’s already circulating, the much better. after that that means there’s much more “inflation” of the offer which will happen at some time, and that always will affect the purchase price in a negative method. And every one of the other factors.


I’ll not list any coins right here that belong to these categories, since this isn’t an investment advice article, in fact it is much better if you do your personal research and discover coins that you individually like. You will discover coins at this time though that fall into many of these categories, plus they are in the very best 100, so be sure you do research in it.