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Is BitPay shaking up the Bitcoin Ecosystem?

BitPay now works in partnership with more than 12,000 merchants, opening up multiple avenues for you to buy goods with Bitcoin. BitPay has announced its global bitcoin directory. It lists many of the most bitcoin-accepting merchants around the world. Individuals can quickly find ways to buy everyday goods and services using Bitcoin.


It is a sponsor of Bitcoin Black Friday. This allows individuals all over the world to use their Bitcoins in addition to the usual excitement of Black Friday. PC Game Supply, one BitPay merchant, will offer a 10 percent discount on all purchases on November 29th 2013. Are you a business owner interested in accepting Bitcoin payments? BitPay and other payment processing firms make it easy to accept Bitcoin payments.

BitPay has sent the following press release to you this morning:

BitPay launches Bitcoin Merchant Directory. New merchants include Takeaway.com and PC Game Supply. ATLANTA, November 25, 2013, BitPay has launched a global bitcoin directory. It features many of the most prominent bitcoin-accepting merchants in the world. The bitcoin directory will provide a wide range of options for shoppers looking for unique gifts and everyday goods.

BitPay, the lead sponsor of Bitcoin Black Friday will promote its merchants and their one-day sale on November 29. PC Game Supply is one of the merchants. It is the largest digital distributor of pre-paid products and virtual currencies, as well as PC games.

Did You Know?

Takeaway.com, Europe’s largest food delivery company, accepts bitcoin to order from its more than 30,000 restaurants across Europe.

Tony Gallippi is BitPay’s co-founder and CEO. “We are often asked where bitcoins can be spent and this global directory allows Bitcoin merchants around the globe to get discovered,” he said. “With this service, we will be linking more than 5 million bitcoin users to merchants and will continue adding merchants.”

This directory provides access to thousands upon thousands of charities and businesses that accept bitcoin. The most popular categories are Web and IT Services and Electronics. BitPay also offers a section on Travel and Tourism for those who want to plan their next vacation and a search function that will show them where they can spend bitcoins with local merchants.

Takeaway.com and PC Game Supply see bitcoin as an attractive alternative to credit cards when it comes to online transactions. Merchants can use bitcoins to reduce the risk of fraud online and avoid chargebacks from traditional credit cards. PC Game Supply will offer a 10% discount on all purchases made November 29th as part of Bitcoin Black Friday.

Bitcoin Black Friday

Jon Holmquist created “Bitcoin Friday”, which celebrates Bitcoin and offers special deals for Bitcoin users. Visit bitcoinblackfriday.com


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