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Why to Focus on Mining Monero?

If you ever thought about making passive income through mining Bitcoin, you would’ve made TONS of money… 5 years ago. Today, it has become a highly competitive arena, with regards to high initial capital and infrastructure. But this won’t stop you from finding other altcoins to mine which have been up till now “behind the scenes”. In this post, we take you STEP-BY-STEP how exactly to mine the privacy coin, you guessed it… MONERO!


Monero is really a so-called privacy coin since it totally obscures the assignment and dimension of transactions. Which keeps mining rewarding for typical GPUs and CPUs. How exactly to Mine Monero – For Dummies

To be able to mine Monero profitably, In this manner, a Monero pool will see a block more often when compared to a single miner. In the event that you mint alone, normally it takes a long time to discover a block, with regards to the hash performance. Gong1deng

There are tons of mining pools around the globe. On the following -> website the largest are listed with information like the costs and the hashrate.

With XMR Stak

There are many mining programs that all function similarly. In this guidebook, we will concentrate on XMR Stak.

First, there are compilations for different operating systems. We start “xmr-stak. A prompt opens.

With “Use simple Setup Method? Next, we enter what we want to mine: “Monero”. ” Let’s enter “Y” for yes. Then enter the address of the pool. We use mineXMR for the guide, it has a high hashrate and is one of the cheaper mining pools with a fee of 1%.

The addresses of the pools come in the list above. We enter the main one we wish in the command prompt. In the long run, we hang the port number, which we believe corresponds to the hash performance of our computer. So z. B. de.minexmr.com:5555 for the German pool and a medium computing power. Our calculator’s hashrate is measured by the pool by sending us puzzles of easier difficulty. The hashrate measured by the pool is then useful for the proportional payout.


After these entries, we don’t want to do the configuration again. Next time xmr-stak. Txt” file that’s in exactly the same folder. A “CPU. There you can set how many processor cores should be used for mining.

As already mentioned, they are all built roughly the same.



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