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Does Bitcoin depends on Faith?

As Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin, BNY Mellon expands custodial companies to add bitcoin and crypto assets and Mastercard follows Visa and PayPal in facilitating cryptocurrency dealings, the bitcoin price has already reached record highs – just as before – breaking over $61,000. Once more in the spotlight, ” we contend a thorough analysis, however, being an object of faith,

Bitcoin And Faith

While certain commentators have examined the partnership between bitcoin and faith, their work typically either disparages “the bitcoin faithful” as unthinking cultists or denotes bitcoin as a uniquely “faith-based asset.” We wish to remind our readers that, while faith in bitcoin sometimes inspires fanaticism, and sometimes inspires incredulity during dinner conversations, the faith that sustains the price tag on bitcoin similarly sustains the price tag on other asset classes at a foundational level.

More broadly, an organization or an idea. Consider faith in the thought of freedom.At exactly the same time, The majority of us, for example, implicitly knowing that by design, our bank operating system lacks the reserves to permit every depositor to withdraw all their money at once. Faith, among our “animal spirits,


Faith in the intrinsic value of gold – which once sustained the now defunct gold standard – escapes rational calculation. Ardent supporters of gold think that the intrinsic value of gold – alongside its purportedly fixed supply – resists debasement during political unrest or monetary inflation; such belief elevates gold’s capability to resist debasement right into a metaphysical character that transcends historical circumstances.

A moment’s reflection – or simply an effort to trade gold with extraterrestrials – would reveal that gold has little intrinsic value beyond what folks agree upon. A spacefaring extraterrestrial civilization – or an Elon Musk – with the methods to excavate infinite levels of gold from asteroids would surely see limited value in gold beyond its potential in facilitating interstellar trade with natives – such as for example Peter Schiff – who remain awestruck by its shininess and the so-called “intrinsic value” of the yellow metal.


Today, or digital gold. Before this narrative found prominence, bitcoin, is “…something for electronic transactions without counting on trust.” Bitcoin will not eliminate the dependence on trust altogether, as Nakamoto will need to have realized, in the long run, still, and much more recent ones such as for example Algorand,

That teenagers have expressed the best faith in the decentralized cryptocurrency space inaugurated by Bitcoin shouldn’t be a surprise. Having lived through the 2008 financial meltdown, they viscerally experienced the shortcomings of centralized finance institutions. Having developed immersed in smartphones and social media marketing, moreover, they intuitively seek digital answers to problems, and readily think that Bitcoin overcomes the physical limitations of a good metal bar of gold – albeit a shiny one at that – precisely because bitcoin gets the advantages of an electronic technology.

New Trend

This new trend in belief is motivating many institutional investors to show to bitcoin as a store of value, and only time will tell if this trend leads bitcoin to supplant gold as a reserve asset. As the merits of Bitcoin could be justified regarding data, blockchain technology and regulation, among other aspects, we ask the critical question because of its widespread adoption: Are you currently a believer in Bitcoin?


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