PlayPoseidon NFT (PPP) ICO Details & Financial Information

ICO-naamPlayPoseidon NFT
Begin datum07 april 2022
Einddatum09 april 2022
PlatformBNB Slimme Ketting (BEP20)
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1 Maand geleden

PlayPoseidon NFT is a multi-chain Play To Earn blockchain game using a single Deflationary token as main currency for the game (no dual token), with an Addictive but very Easy to learn gameplay.

In this game Player will use beautiful NFT characters to battle monsters and earn reward when successfully defend the base. This game also has a Free To Earn model (Scholar system) which let player (w/wo NFT characters) to play on be-half of NFT owner for a portion of reward.

PlayPoseidon NFT is the first game to feature a Daily Income Tier system which allow big and small budget players can play and enjoy the game together without affecting the game economy.

This game is also the first game to utilized a Zero Gas fee back-end system which lower the network fee for players to zero.

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ICO-naamPlayPoseidon NFT
Begin datum11 april 2022
Einddatum12 april 2022