After the achievement of the Kusama parachain slot auctions, the decentralized Web 3.0 blockchain interoperability system Polkadot is currently holding the much-anticipated parachain slot auctions on the primary chain. So far, a lot more than 101 million DOT tokens, worthy of over $3 billion, are usually locked within the auction with contributions from 235,000 customers. The slot auction started on November 11th, 2021. With so many DOT tokens locked for 56 weeks, this means these tokens won’t be accessible searching for that period, therefore reducing the downward pressure on DOT price.


DOT may be the native token of Polkadot, which really is a 30.9 billion market cap cryptocurrency, trading above $30, currently down 47% from its all-time most of $55 in early November.

Acala, and Astar have previously secured their places. All the slots will undoubtedly be auctioned off by the center of this month, and once all are filled. On the list of projects vying for the location.

The project has recently won the parachain on Kusama making use of their canary network, Calamari, and today it seems ready to win the parachain slot on Polkadot aswell. Currently, a lot more than 3.6 million DOT tokens worth over $100 million is locked and only Manta.

Kusama was Polkadot’s Canary Network to try out its concept, and today, the auction is going on to win the designated slots for parachains to be put into Polkadot’s Relay Chain.

Founded by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Polkadot was created to support interconnected, application-specific sub-chains, which are called parachains. Parachains are an intrinsic component of this network that may be customized according to different use cases that plug right into a single base platform referred to as the Relay Chain.


Relay Chain will not support application functionality but provides security to the network’s parachains possesses Polkadot’s consensus, finality, and voting logic. Zk-SNARK for anonymity, high throughput, and interoperability. The privacy-focused Manta Network is in fact backed by a number of the well-known investors in the crypto market, including Alameda Research, ParaFi Capital, CMS Holdings, Spartan Group, DeFiance Capital, ConSensys, Digital Currency Group, and many more.


This season, The most recent funding of $28. Before that, it raised $5.1 Million earlier in the entire year.This project is building privacy-preserving decentralized finance (DeFi) stack to focus on the rapidly growing ecosystem which includes began to attract the institution’s attention aswell.

The DeFi ecosystem currently has over $260 billion of value locked inside it, and the marketplace cap of DeFi tokens stands at $150 billion. Because the ecosystem is growing, so does the necessity for privacy-preserving projects. Manta Network uses zk-SNARK technology to make sure end-to-end anonymity, high throughput, and high cross-chain interoperability.

Fastest Privacy Protocol

Recently, It really is to produce a “big blockchain,” which includes very high block frequency, high block size, and many a large number of transactions per second,

The Manta Network includes two protocols: the decentralized private payment protocol and the decentralized private token exchange protocol.

The Decentralized Anonymous Payment (DAP) protocol is dependant on zk-SNARK, that allows users to swap Polkadot (DOT) and its own Parachain tokens with corresponding private tokens and in addition pay with privacy tokens.

The Decentralized Anonymous Exchange (DAX) protocol is really a zk-SNARK-based AMM where users can anonymously trade private versions of the tokens between one another. The Manta team actually plans to integrate its products into private lending protocols, and synthetic asset protocols with other DeFi services also contained in the future roadmap.

Top 5 Polkadot Projects

Simply put, Polkadot comprises of many different blockchains known as “parachains”. These chains talk to each other, and dealings are settled on the primary chain. Helping them mix their strengths and decrease their weaknesses. For a far more in-depth appearance at Polkadot, make reference to the link below.

Polkadot functions sharding, providing higher scalability, polkadot continues to be under development, which is likely to last before end of the year. Listed below are the top 5 tasks currently being constructed on it.


MANTRA DAO can be an interoperable and adaptable financing and earning DeFi task. The project includes a reputation-based Karma system, much like Reddit, to reward customers.

The substrate constructed Rio Chain is used for connecting to the Polkadot system. By adopting a federated design. The native token is definitely OM.


Chainlink (Hyperlink)

Chainlink, the best decentralized data oracles system, the oracles are secure, proof to manipulation, and therefore reliable. The Chainlink project reaches the forefront of decentralized information oracle innovation and continuously introduces new data pairs/providers to advance the industry.

A vital element of the Decentralized Financing (DeFi), the Chainlink information oracles are integrated with almost all Ethereum based DeFi tasks, and contains profited from the latest DeFi boom.

Since February 2020, outside Ethereum, this is actually the second major blockchain that’s supported by Chainlink.

Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr is really a project which allows customers to deploy customized and user-friendly nodes. Essentially, this is a blockchain infrastructure market for Web3.0. It gets rid of the necessity for complicated setups and higher technical knowledge in order to function in the blockchain industry. Ankr enables quick access to blockchain technology and DeFi.

The Ankr cloud system is driven by geographically distributed enterprise-grade data centers. The indigenous is ANKR. In addition, it provides data analytics businesses and developers quick access to Polkadot’s information with one-click complete node deployment. Ankr plays a part in the Polkadot ecosystem by enabling simple deployability of DOT token validators and means of securing them. The Ankr group also operates NPoS validators on the Polkadot system and collaborates with other programmers/projects developing on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Ocean Process (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol supplies a way for users to start a decentralized data industry. The data marketplace can be used to store, talk about and monetize information while maintaining transparency, personal privacy, auditability and handle. The scalable process will unblock data, especially for Artificial Cleverness (AI).

Darwinia System (KTON)

Here’s our final from the latest Polkadot projects. Darwinia is really a cross-chain system constructed on Polkadot and Substrate make it possible for the transfer of resources and worth across blockchains. It focuses specifically on NFTs and gaming resources. It is incorporated with Polkadot as its separate parachain, nonetheless it can function alone aswell. It uses the Interstellar Item Coding regular, which tags and assigns an individual identifier ID to unique items existing on various blockchains. The governance token will be KTON, however the RING token can be used for validation and transaction.





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