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Which Coin is Surging Higher than Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin’s price is at its April 14th peak of $64,800. It is not losing momentum. All other digital assets, from Ethereum to Dogecoin, are also at record highs. Behind the scenes, however, one coin was gaining solid ground and outperforming the majors. Since its launch in 2019, RBIS, the native token for the ArbiSmart cryptocurrency platform, has quietly been steadily climbing and maintaining an upward trajectory. It has risen 662% already and analysts project a 40-fold increase by 2023.

Low-Risk Strategy

ArbiSmart performs automated crypto arbitrage. It takes advantage of temporary price differences, which are short instances when a digital asset is available at different rates across multiple exchanges at once.

ArbiSmart is connected to 35 exchanges and searches for inefficiencies across hundreds of crypto assets simultaneously. The algorithm finds a price difference and generates a profit by instantly buying the asset from the exchange with the lowest price, then selling it immediately on the exchange that has the highest price. This is before the discrepancy can resolve itself.

Price Inefficiencies

ArbiSmart is a valuable hedge against price inefficiencies that can occur in both a rising and falling market. Your crypto will not lose value if the market plunges abruptly and the rally ends abruptly. Instead, it will continue to make a steady, reliable profit.

It couldn’t be simpler from the user’s point of view. Once you have made a deposit of crypto or fiat, the algorithm will take care of everything else. Sign up, deposit, and that’s all there is to it. Your capital is converted automatically into RBIS and used 24/7 to trade crypto arbitrage. Based on the size of your investment, profits start at 10.8% per year (0.9% per month) and can go up to 45% per year (3.75 percent per month).

Stable Profit

A sizable and stable profit. Price differences between exchanges are just as consistent in bull and bear market. This means that you can accurately predict your APY from crypto arbitrage. ArbiSmart’s yield calculator allows you to see how much you will earn from any deposit amount. It also factors in compound interest and the changing value of the RBIS token.

Passive revenues can also be earned to provide liquidity. You can make up to 45% per year from crypto arbitrage or compound interest. You can earn up to 1% per day by locking your capital in a savings account for a predetermined period.

ArbiSmart also delivers huge capital gains. The value of the RBIS token has already risen more than six times from its initial price. This is expected to continue in the coming months.

A Growing Global Demand

ArbiSmart YOY growth was 150% in 2020 and 550% so far in 2021. The development team has been busy. Major infrastructure upgrades were completed and a number of new RBIS utilities are being launched. These include a crypto- and fiat interest-generating wallet and a yield farming service. A crypto credit card is also available.

The RBIS listing will be another development likely to increase token demand in Q4 2021. The RBIS listing will make the token accessible to all people who have been denied access due to ArbiSmart’s EU license. This includes those whose account registrations were denied for failing to meet regulatory requirements, residents from countries where ArbiSmart can’t accept clients, as well as those who wish not to be identified and don’t provide KYC documents.

Final Note

The token supply will decrease as the demand for it rises with the introduction of new RBIS utilities and the listing of global crypto exchanges. RBIS has been a solid and lucrative investment opportunity in bull and bear markets. The token value will likely rise significantly in the coming weeks. Now is the best time to purchase RBIS, before the price of the token goes up. Buy RBIS now.



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