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What are Top Cryptocurrencies?

There are many ups and downs in the cryptocurrency world. Profits are being made by many other coins, both small and large, besides Bitcoin. This post will discuss the five top coins in terms market capitalization, which did exceptionally well last week. You can find the previous week’s analysis here.

Enjin +65%

Enjin, a blockchain-based platform for the trading and mapping of virtual goods, is called Enjin. Enjin focuses mainly on games and goods that are most commonly used in games. The confirmed partnership with Microsoft is responsible for the strong growth. Binance allows you to trade Enjin Token.

Matic Network +62%

Matic Network was ranked #1 last week. The token has risen by nearly 140% since 25 Nov. The Ethereum Blockchain records timestamps, which ensures that the data is accurate. Matic Network is a scaling explanation for blockchains. Matic is a new project that has been very busy from the beginning. The recent price rise could be due to a variety of partnerships. Binance sells Matic Network.

Kyber Network +47%

Kyber Network, an Ethereum-based onchain liquidity protocol for distributed exchanging platforms that supports decentralized token swaps, is powered by Ethereum. Developers can create cash flows and finance apps on the account. There is no reason for the Kybtertokens’ price increase.

KNC / Bitcoin D – Binance

The technical analysis of the above image can help you to see this more clearly. KyberNetwork has removed the lower ground structure and caused the green zone to collapse, setting a price target of 0.00003566 BTC. This price target was reached in the last week. It is a sign of the significant increase in KNC’s price. Cyber Network Token can be purchased on Binance.

FTX Token +35%

FTX Trading LTD is the corporation that controls FTX, a company chartered in Antigua-Barbuda. Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency liquidity provider, nurtured FTX. The reason for the increase was not known.

FTT / BTC 1D Huobi

If you pay attention, you will see that the FTX Token(FTT) currently lists growths. The price mark for the breakout from the trend direction has been established. The next price target on the chart is the 1to1 Fibonacci Extension. It can be viewed at 0.00027967 BTC. Bitfinex offers FTX.

DigixDAO +27%

Last week, DigixDAO (DGD), ranked #2 in our ranking. It was also able to make some profits this week and increased its total profit by 70% in the last two weeks. DigixDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization based on Ethereum Blockchain, manages stablecoins up to 1 gram gold (DGX). The recent price increase may be due to increased activity in the project.

DGD / BTC D Binance

Technical analysis shows that a price target of 0.002455 BTC was set after the black trend lines were broken. DigixDAO can be found on Binance.



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