Users can experience concert events and concerts as if these were really in the audience, all because of virtual reality. CEEK VR INC, the business behind CEEK, cEEK works to generate, curate, It provides multiple channels of VR articles, including professionally licensed and initially created content.


What Performances Can Customers Watch with CEEK?

Via the CEEK platform, customers are able to consume an array of performances and concerts. Lately, they announced a fresh partnership with Globe of Dance. Along with superstar concerts, CEEK will offer usage of charity fundraisers, VR commerce, sports, and also classroom learning. This last functionality will make it easy for those in remote locations to help expand their education and find out more marketable abilities, improving their chances for future years.

CEEK VR Headset

Unlike additional blockchain projects that not have an operating product and instead depend on ICO fundraising to have the funds essential for research and growth, CEEK VR already includes a useful prototype. This prototype is really a virtual reality headset currently available via Amazon, Target, Greatest Buy, and other major suppliers. When you choose the VR headset, that is mobile ready, you obtain a $10 iTunes gift cards as an additional benefit, so you can pay attention to the music from your own favorite artists anytime.

Would you CEEK Benefit?

CEEK provides benefits for everybody involved, specially the artists and would-end up being concert-goers. Artists have the ability to enhance their income because of the compensated partnerships with CEEK. Additionally, they are able to extend their reach and raise their fan base by providing concerts to those that would otherwise struggle to attend. That enhanced direct exposure and group of fans can lead to a rise in sales of albums along with other merchandise, further boosting income.

Users reap the benefits of CEEK greatly, as well. They’re now in a position to watch performances from a common artists without having to go out. Additionally, CEEK provides the chance of one to “attend” the concert of these favorite artist, irrespective of where they live life. Those in cities or nations that are not generally included on tours no more have to miss out. Investing in a concert via CEEK is a lot more affordable than a genuine concert ticket, particularly if you element in parking, along with other related expenses. People who have mobility impairments that avoid them from effortlessly attending a concert may also get the full expertise via CEEK.

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CEEK Support

CEEK has assistance for both Apple and Android gadgets. You can download the application form via Google Have fun with or the Apple App Shop. From there, you may use the application to get concerts watching them from the ease and comfort of your house while still feeling just like you come in the audience.

CEEK Token

The CEEK token may be the new virtual reality sensible token that enhances an individual experience for CEEK and exclusive efficiency. CEEKERS, get special usage of immersive VR experiences. In addition they access the tokenized rewards swap within exclusive VR venues all over the world which are CEEK enabled. CEEKERS furthermore receive voting rights,

The CEEK digital reality conditions have governance via Ethereum Wise Contracts. It really is this Ethereum-based governance that provides token holders the capacity of experiencing flexible “in-world” interactions which are tokenized, which includes rewards, voting, virtual items, and contests.


As stated, CEEK’s VR conditions get governance via Ethereum Wise Contracts, putting this facet of blockchain technology to great use to create the perfect user experience. Utilizing the blockchain, CEEK is furthermore in a position to improve transactions, adding safety and transparency while furthermore providing an immutable report of all exchanges.

Utilizing the blockchain allows CEEKERS to gain access to, exchange, and manage their electronic assets at a part of the cost. CEEK carries a special regular for transfers of several tokens, a remarkably small fee for a exchange or knowledge like those of CEEK. Due to the blockchain’s open criteria, CEEKERS can truly own different digital items across multiple conditions which are digital ready.

CEEK Venues

You can find already several immersive virtual actuality experiences referred to as CEEK Venues. A sports complicated, a hangout lounge,

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CEEK Token Purchase

The CEEK token selling is only open to those people who are not really U.S. residents. The presale 7 days one lasted from March 26 to April 1 with a 30 % bonus. In 7 days three, April 9 to 15, it dropped to ten percent. 7 days two of the presale, from April 2 to 8, acquired a 20 percent reward. There was no bonus through the sale from April 16 to 27. From April 28 to May 3, the standard sale takes place without bonus and a token cost of $0.50 USD. The tokens will undoubtedly be distributed on June 1.

Celebrity Coin Minting

Via the CEEK Virtual Mint, users can mint their very own tokens, virtual items, coins, or merchandise, at a gas cost that’s 10 times less. That is via CEEK Coin Cast, which really is a custom minting tool that lets those in the entertainment industry “mint” (create) virtual tickets, personal brand tokens, venue coins, along with other virtual merchandise. This gives another method for those on the market to improve their revenue via CEEK.

CEEK is really a virtual reality platform that provides users the capability to experience concerts and more irrespective of where they’re. and a functional prototype with strong reading user reviews. The prospect of CEEK is huge.

Plenty of Scamming

A study made by Statis Group that has been released earlier this season estimated that a lot more than 80% of the ICOs from 2017 had been fraudulent to some extent. Thankfully the money that has been raised by ICOs this past year wasn’t distributed similarly. Of the approximately $12 billion USD that flowed into ICOs in 2017, Statis estimated that a lot more than $1.3 billion USD found its solution to ICOs that appeared as if outright scams.

Not that it appears like People courts are enabling tokens to certainly be a security for reasons of prosecution, the hunt could possibly be on for an main ICO scam to create an example of. it isn’t really the case.

To be clear, there’s been no new law, only a clarification of existing rules. As the regulations that are used to prosecute Maksim Zaslavskiy had been in effect this past year, fraudulent ICOs have small legal room to go.

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