Many crypto assets have increased in cost substantially within the last 12 months. Bitcoin alone is up over 300%. Because the value of several crypto assets is climbing, they take into account a more substantial proportion of investors’ portfolios, and it’s as important as ever to take into account how exactly to keep your crypto safe. “Given the security breaches on various crypto platforms recently, it’s an opportune time and energy to ask some searching questions concerning the security of local crypto exchanges, and what customers should search for.” In the same way the crypto industry has been gaining traction with traditional investors, regulators and also institutions, several high-profile security breaches have garnered media attention. Just the other day, faruk Fatih Ozer, and happens to be evading a global arrest warrant.

Let’s start

Nearer to home, the closure of iCE3X, among the oldest South African exchanges left customers struggling to withdraw their funds and is yet another exemplory case of South Africans being left struggling to access their crypto holdings. Moneyweb readers are understandably concerned at the amount of breaches of trust round the crypto space.

“These concerns are valid, and every crypto investor should make sure that they are utilizing a crypto exchange that is safe and sound,” cautions Ehsani.

“Once you buy bitcoin on an exchange like VALR and leave it on the platform, you entrust the exchange to secure your funds since it holds the private keys of most customer funds. This doesn’t come cheap. For instance, at VALR we have a separate cybersecurity team and also have made significant investment to accomplish everything we can to help keep customer funds safe.”

The Primary Risks

Ehsani adds that we now have two main risks one carries when holding crypto assets on exchanges:

Ehsani empathises with investors’ concerns, continuing: “Both are real risks which have materialised at various exchanges all over the world in the last decade. You can say, ‘Forget that! I’m taking my crypto off the exchange’. Your decision is then to withdraw your crypto to a wallet of your where you possess the private key. This may be a hardware, software or paper wallet.”

While holding your personal private keys can be an option for crypto holders, taking this sort of responsibility bears its risks – if you’re not careful or don’t have the know-how, your private key could be lost or compromised.

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Similar to a physical key to a vault, nothing can be carried out to gain access to your crypto assets without your private key. In the event that you lose your key your funds will be lost permanently.

It’s evident that both options – keeping crypto on an exchange versus managing your personal private keys is likely to “self-custody” wallet – carry their very own potential risks.

Ehsani urges investors to believe carefully about which approach is more desirable for them, explaining, “some say exchanges are honey pots that attract attackers because they hold large sums and then the risk is higher. But is this risk greater than you losing or mismanaging your private key or your key getting compromised? Only it is possible to answer that.”


Exchange security procedures

VALR holds clients’ cryptocurrencies in both “cold storage” and “hot wallets”. Cold storage identifies offline institutional vaults which are geographically-dispersed, access-controlled, and video-monitored. Hot wallets are online multi-signature wallets necessary to maintain operational liquidity. Furthermore, all customers’ ZAR funds are held in segregated makes up about added protection.

VALR’s security procedures don’t allow any individual, like the CEO, to transfer cryptocurrencies independently. Multiple signatories must move funds, no cryptocurrencies are stored at VALR offices.

Additionally, which help in identifying any vulnerabilities and maintaining a secure platform for the users.

No client funds held on VALR could be moved minus the express authorisation of the client. For several critical transactions, VALR requires Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA requires your client to input a time-sensitive code from the smart phone before accessing username and passwords. A client wanting to access the account from any new device or location will likewise need to input the 2FA code.

“There is an unbelievable amount of security that switches into running an exchange,


In addition to the high-level security it provides clients, vALR includes a amount of other unique propositions:

  • The widest selection of cryptocurrencies in the SA market (a lot more than 50)
  • Low fees
  • A referral system which allows customers to help expand reduce fees for introducing clients.

Buyers Mistakes

It’s difficult to buy Bitcoin today. When trying to make a return on their initial investment, some buyers make costly mistakes. This is why you might want to be cautious when purchasing Bitcoin. Below are five common mistakes made by Bitcoin buyers. These are the mistakes you should avoid. When buying Bitcoin, make sure you enter the correct address. It is impossible to reverse a transaction if the address is incorrect. You will lose all your money. If the address you entered is incorrect, it will not be possible to correct this error. To ensure that your address is correct, double-check it. It won’t take you long to verify the details. It is better to ask a family member or friend to review your details. It’s a great idea for Bitcoin to be purchased in person.

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Only pay your hard-earned cash when the transaction is complete. It is better to receive multiple confirmations. To ensure that there are no problems later, it is worth being patient. This is especially important if you plan to invest large sums of money. PayPal and credit cards are the most popular ways to pay online. These methods are very convenient. These methods can also save you money. You will need to pay more for this convenience. You will also have to deal with chargeback issues. It is better to choose a cheaper method of payment.

Money Transfer

You can transfer money to your bank account. This is especially important if you plan to spend a lot of money regularly. It can save you a lot of cash in the long-term. We all know that Bitcoin has been a popular way to make a lot of money. You should reconsider if you’re going to buy Bitcoin just to get in on the money-making opportunity. It is a bad idea to buy Bitcoin without a strategy. You should do your research before investing in Bitcoin. It is important to have a solid strategy in place.

The process of buying Bitcoin or other currencies is very simple nowadays. There are many options for payment and exchanges to choose from. The problem is that we all make mistakes, especially when we buy something for the first-time. You might want to take your time before you make this purchase. If you avoid the mistakes above, you can buy Bitcoin safely and without worrying. Make sure you are familiar with cryptocurrency basics. This will allow you to make informed decisions.

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