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Redlion Gazette Covers: Collection 2021


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Redlion introduces The ‘Redlion Gazette Covers: Collection 2021’ This limited edition hardcover book is yours with the purchase of the NFT. 2021 was certainly a pivotal year for NFTs and Redlion News was here to cover it. This year was game changing for the face of art & media and catapulted the space into the future. The idea behind releasing a physical NFT was to encapsulate everything – the highs & lows, dips & peaks – of this extraordinary year, as well as how we portrayed them through our weekly animated Gazette covers and content.

The book contains the most memorable news witnessed within the space and all of the ways that Redlion dutifully covered it in real time. A truly holistic experience for what each particular week was like in 2021, including market data such as the price of BTC & ETH. You can see in each page and cover that Redlion was there when we had the opportunity to observe and report these moments like no other. You can own this history with us.

Also included are all details for the ArtDrops by acclaimed artists in the space today that were dropped within our Gazettes, the true exclusives. We truly believe that this space will build on these moments in history. The Redlion team was there to document and create one of a kind art regarding the future of Web 3.0 as it continues to develop and rise to steadier heights.

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Release Date: 12th Dec 2022

Published by Redlion Studios

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