Super Nfty Floating Heads

The Floating Heads are a collection of 264 **3D animated 1/1 NFT**’s handmodeled in VR. **Only 264** were made and every single one is completely unique!

**Each Floating Head contains a password locked zip-file with**:
– *A webcam filter (/vtuber avatar) of your Floating Head (.VRM) [October 2021]*
– *A custom-made profile picture (.PNG) [October 2021]*
– *A 3D printable file (.stl)*
– *The original metaverse models (.usdz, .glb)*
– *The original video file (.mp4)*
– *The commercial license for your Floating Head*

Check out the [IMPS](, the [Superballs]( and read more about SuperNfty on []( Join the [Discord](, talk to other collectors and join the owners-exclusive chatrooms:
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