Fat Ape Club

During the Spanish expeditions of the Pacific Ocean in the 1500s, explorers discovered an island of Fat Apes that lived in their own developed and remote civilization.

Within just a few years, explorers took every Fat Ape captive and sold them off to the world’s most elite to serve in secret zoos and act as exotic pets and servants.

500 years later, a group of Heroic Apes banded together to free their brethren, and they have been taken in by a community of Fat Ape loving humans.

At the Fat Ape Club, we are a collection of Fat Ape loving people from around the world. We believe that, with a unified vision, we can create a movement that changes the lives of everyone involved!

Our public sale sold out in just 27 minutes! We would love to welcome you in to the Fat Ape Club.
Visit FatApeClub.io for more details.


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