One of the advantages of’staking” your crypto coins is the ability to see interest earned in about 15 minutes. USD Tether is a stable coin that is 1:1 backed by the US dollar and can earn you 7.32%. You can claim the interest daily or weekly and can reinvest the interest in order to increase the gains. Evolving ecosphere. Until recently, cryptos were considered sterile assets that earned no return. The rapidly changing financial ecosystem known as Decentralised Finance (DeFi) offers alternatives to traditional banking systems. It allows you to borrow, lend, and earn interest using cryptos.

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The future of money, payments Staking is the process of placing cryptos with trusted third parties to receive rewards. There are no lock-up periods. In the event that you wish to sell or use your cryptos for another purpose, you can ‘unstake’ your cryptos at any moment. Luno introduced a savings wallet last year that offered customers interest rates of up to 4.4% per year on their bitcoin holdings. Interest is paid monthly, there are no fixed terms and no administrative fees. People who purchased bitcoin at R200 000 a few month ago and staked their coins at the current R550 000 price are now earning close to 10% of their original investment amount.

Although it is risky, the risks associated with stakes are minimal. The risk of losing cryptos is low when they are invested with trusted and carefully vetted third parties.


AltCoinTrader’s interest rate on cryptos Source : AltCoinTrader BlockFi is the largest crypto-based lending platform. It offers 6% annual returns for the first 2.5 bitcoins that are deposited. After that, the rate drops to 3.3%. It offers a rate of 5.25% on Ethereum, and 9.3% for USDT. Da Sousa claims that every effort has been made in order to minimize risk by only investing with financially sound third parties. AltCoinTrader can offer 10.4% per year on Tron because it has accumulated a large holding of the crypto coin. It is therefore not dependent on outside parties to generate a return.

The market cap for all cryptos is now over $1 trillion. Most bitcoin and Ethereum owners prefer to stay in the game for the long term. “We will be in a position to keep our Tron interest rate at 10.4% for a while, but we expect it to drop to about 7% at some point.” Staking is expected to grow as more people buy cryptos with the intention of holding them for the long-term. This is a lot of wealth that can be used to fund other money-generating projects in the crypto universe. Moneyweb Crypto glossary

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A ponzi

It is a Ponzi scheme. Please explain. Google definition of Ponzi, Google Crypto (or just Bitcoin), make sure you understand them both and then tell us objectively what you found. You are merely following others’ lead at the moment. This is definitely outdated. You lost credibility.

Hi AP. I too tend to think of a Ponzi scheme until someone can prove that the interest is from some type of investment. I think a Ponzi is a scheme that uses money from new investors to pay the interest of old investors. This is the one concern I have. It would be helpful to know how the company that pays the interest makes the money to pay it. Fair question, I think. Another is that the “interest”, is simply “new money” that is created automatically by the platform. I don’t intend to get into a fight but to understand…

I do own Bitcoin and Ether, so I’m not completely skeptical! I don’t know how lending in ether works.

Educated in Crypto

People who are not educated in crypto currency speak … Profit4All is correct in this. We are trying to understand, but with little luck from the supporters for’staking’ who seem eager to back the process blindly, or who may want to keep their knowledge secret.

Here is where the fun begins. Is the investor receiving interest in cryptocurrency or fiat currency? You now enter fractional reserve banking, where one man’s asset becomes another man’s liability. The custodian of the bank must lend the money to a borrower to generate the income necessary to pay interest. You must take the risk of default by the borrower to receive interest. This is why a Central Bank exists. It is a lender last resort to the banking industry. AltCoinTrader’s lender of last resort is who?

There is a big difference between the return on capital and the return on capital. Luno offers a similiar offer, and the return is in cryptop. Although I was very concerned, their T&Cs stated that “Your crypto will not be insured or guaranteed” and that it would be lent to a third-party. As the saying goes, “Not your key..not crypto.” As far as I know, no fidelity fund covers your investment if things go south.


These risks are not the same as borrowing or lending fiat in real life. Unable to show how “trusted third parties”, are putting the money to work, a sensible person should assume that this is a pyramid scheme.

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These cryptos are thought to multiply automatically when they are locked up or’staked. This generates the ‘interest’. It is not a pyramid scheme. However, it would be fascinating to see how the “trusted” third parties are returning the investment to investors without the ‘tech talk’. It would be interesting to find out if any of the “trusted parties” have reserves against the loans, and if so how much.

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BlockFi website: “*Disclaimer! Rates for BlockFi products can change. Digital currency is not legal tender and is not backed or guaranteed by the government. BIA accounts are not covered by FDIC or SIPC protections. You now know the answer to all our questions. In other words, the investors accept the counterparty risk. I would rather give my bitcoin to my gardener at my interest than lend it to an unregulated, offshore third party. I know my gardener so I can take his bike as security.

Any institution that accepts deposits or pays interest on them must have a banking license. This falls under the Banking Act, which is regulated by the Reserve Bank. This alone makes the scheme illegal in South Africa. They are borrowing your cryptocurrency to lend it to someone at a higher price. This purpose cannot be shorten.

I don’t know much about crypto, but I can see no reason to borrow it next year when it will be $50,000. Unless you think that you can borrow it for $35,000 and then settle it for $5000… I am able to lend script especially in shares that do not yield a yield. You can make money while some tool plays the short-term game.

What is the use of borrowed crypto? It is more useless than real cryptocurrency in my world. Unless I imagine I could sell it short on my dreamworld or on an imaginary exchange.

I smell a rat

Your crypto is purchased for $ or other money. The seller of the crypto will now put your money where it can generate cash flow, and then they will pay you “interest”. It would be easier to just pay some of the crypto’s proceeds – that sounds like a Ponzi to me.

At this point in my life, I don’t need crypto to pay for anything. If I have to earn interest on a currency I would prefer to do so in a currency I can use in the real world. I don’t consider crypto an asset. I don’t see how real money (fiat), can flow from it. I don’t see any other benefit from owning it.

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Tron is not something I would touch. It is a dead project and overhyped, even though its value may rise.


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