One of the better areas of blockchain technology is transparency. Which means that a business that runs on the public blockchain could make everything they do completely available to the public. By doing so today, are billion dollar businesses. Most of us assume there’s a house advantage, but does a new player ever really stand a good potential for winning big?

Gambling Platforms

That’s the theory behind blockchain gambling platforms. Anyone can verify the proceedings behind the scenes. Secondly, having the ability to use cryptocurrency rather than fiat currency could potentially start this industry to a large number of new players every year.

So in this specific article, edgeless and FunFair. Both have their own advantages, business design, and offerings.


Edgeless can be an Ethereum powered blockchain project that says it really is “legally compliant”, transparent, and will be offering a distinctive feature called “bankroll staking”. Edgeless recently acquired its casino license, and will be offering blackjack and dice games, with poker and sports betting coming later this season

The casino license was issued by Curacao, a Caribbean island nation which really is a sovereign state that is one of the Kingdom of holland. The island has some extent of legalized gambling since it has its casino which opened back 2009.

This license allows them to obtain usage of banking services, and the website claims to soon have its functioning fiat currency gateway. This gateway, they claim, allows them to offer “an identical experience to traditional online casinos”. They estimate it’ll be ready sometime this quarter.

Edgeless is not obtainable in all countries, however, and partcipates in IP-based region blocking. for instance, cannot utilize the Edgeless casino. When wanting to open the page, they’ll be met having an error message telling them they are able to not participate.

Bankroll Staking

Bankroll staking is really a feature made to make the casino always has sufficient liquidity to facilitate and spend winning bets. It appears that holders of the Edgeless token can deposit their tokens in a good contract which can then be utilized to fund casino operations. This implies paying for bets which are won, and collecting from bets which are lost by players

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After staking in a contract for just one week, in case a surplus has been gained, then winnings are distributed and the ones that took part can earn a profit. However, it appears likely that when the supply is negative, then payout would have to wait until it becomes positive again. The web site didn’t offer a conclusion of what would happen in case of a loss after seven days had passed. It’s safe to assume that there surely is naturally some risk involved.

The bankroll staking feature will not seem to be working yet, but it is really a planned feature, currently within an “early testing phase” based on the official site.

Edgeless Tokens

Currently, 56 each, with a complete market cap of $46. Through the December price explosion.There’s a total way to obtain just over 130 million EDG tokens.


Another competing project, FunFair supplies a amount of similar features to Edgeless, but is running an a completely different business design. The project is highly centered on producing smooth and graphically attractive experiences which will be easy for non-technical gamers to utilize.

FunFair won’t operate its casino, Within their own words. FunFair includes a few technological advantages, if someone really wants to use the FunFair technology, also to independent game developers.

Hands Clean

FunFair itself aims to be just a technology company, and so it’s the responsibility of casino operators to truly have a legal casino license, or elsewhere be authorized to run this type of business independently of FunFair itself.

FunFair does not seem to be operating in real life just yet. The games seem to be fully operational. FunFair was recently taken off the favorite instant cryptocurrency exchange, ShapeShift, in addition to from other popular exchanges such as for example Bittrex. There does not appear to be a clear indication as to the reasons this happened. It had been also demoted in the favorite Exodus wallet from the primary asset to a second class Ethereum asset.

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FunFair tokens

Today, 03 each. 02 therefore it has seen a growth around 50%. Impact on Gambling most importantly

It’s difficult to estimate what type of impact blockchain-based projects could have on the original gambling worlds that you may find in NEVADA or Macau. These kinds of gambling destinations are appealing to tourists not merely for the gambling itself, but additionally the experience and the surroundings.

However, the potential effect on online gambling that is growing at a reliable rate and seeing a rise in the amount of territories where it really is legal, is huge. As the need to purchase cryptocurrency might be a stumbling block. Much like when you attend a casino today, you can buy casino chips,

What’s yet to be observed, however, is if non-casino gamers can utilize these gateways. For example, it could end up being more expedient for cryptocurrency investors to market their assets for a gambling token and cash out those tokens at an online casino which has a fiat gateway. This may potentially pose an issue, or it might even be considered a boon to the valuation of the tokens.

Potential Problem

Region Locking a Potential Problem. Another issue facing these projects is global restrictions. For example, if you wish to use Edgeless, you must live in among the territories where it really is allowed. We were not in a position to find a set of allowed countries, but we concur that the USA is blocked. It might be possible to bypass these global restrictions utilizing a VPN service, but these casinos could be necessary to perform identity verification which might require proof of citizenship or simply proof address in a supported country or territory. Finally, edgeless really wants to operate its own casino, alternatively.