A year ago, bitcoin was investing at $5 355. Within the last couple of weeks. If that’s not really spectacular sufficiently, consider that bitcoin has obtained over 100% because the start of January 2021. Various investment banking institutions have now turn out with cost predictions suggesting the existing bull run still has a lot headroom. Bitcoin was in no way the top performing cryptocurrency during the last year. Be aware that they are highly volatile assets and will move well over 30% along each month. Virtually all of the smaller cryptocurrencies,

What’s Revix?

Revix is backed by JSE-listed financial services group Sabvest and premiered in 2018 to create it secure and an easy task to spend money on both individual and ready-made baskets of cryptocurrencies that it calls crypto ‘bundles’. Customers will get started with less than R500 and the fintech charges no sign-up, monthly account, or subscription fees, but instead a straightforward 1% transaction fee for both buys and sells. The advantages of running a crypto bundle with Revix


One of the benefits of investing using the Top 10 Bundle is that it equally weights each one of the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies as measured by market capitalisation.

Revix founder and CEO Sean Sanders, a chartered financial analyst (CFA) who previously worked as a portfolio manager, explains: “In the event that you were to buy a high 10 Bundle that has been market-weighted, you’ll have roughly 73% of one’s total investment in bitcoin and Ethereum alone.

“That’s not just a diversified crypto portfolio and it’s actually upping your concentration risk in the biggest two cryptocurrencies.

“In the event that you had taken this same approach in the entire year 2000 with stocks, you’ll have committed to General Motors and Walmart and could have had little to no contact with the big success stories of Amazon and Microsoft. Additionally, if something negative happens to bitcoin or Ethereum in that case your crypto portfolio is likely to be seriously impacted.”

Revix’s Top 10 crypto bundle allocates 10% to each one of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies, creating an equally weighted investment that’s well diversified.

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‘Stablecoins’ (a kind of crypto backed 1:1 by fiat currencies just like the US dollar and rand) like Tether or USD Coin (USDC) aren’t included because they don’t offer significant return potential because the crypto sector grows. They’ll always be equal to the united states dollar.

Superior risk-adjusted returns

Historically, including smaller cryptocurrencies in a crypto portfolio with regular monthly rebalancing could have increased your Sharpe ratio: a measure showing how well your investment could have performed given the quantity of risk you’ve taken.

“Bitcoin is currently worth over $1 trillion [R15 trillion] but just seven years back was worth just a few million dollars. Today you can find cryptocurrencies which are still relatively small rather than well known that could 1 day be worth what bitcoin will probably be worth today.

 Automated rebalancing

Revix’s algorithms automatically rebalance a customer’s bundle holdings monthly so that they are equally weighted to make sure that they stay current with the fast-changing market. This automated process means bundle holders don’t need to manually calculate which cryptocurrencies to get and sell frequently.


Before any cryptocurrency enters the bundle, Revix evaluates it for security, liquidity, regulatory status along with other factors. This ensures that it could be in a safe, secure, and regulatory-compliant manner.

Smart price execution

Revix offers its customers a distinctive price-routing system that allows them to get the best prices available at as soon as of purchase or sale. “We aren’t a crypto exchange, which means we have the capability to source the very best pricing and liquidity for the customers across multiple crypto exchanges at any moment,” says Sanders.

Different Cryptos

Different cryptos perform different functions. “The word ‘cryptocurrency’ is a tiny misnomer, ” The top performer during the last 12 months has been Cardano, that is competing with Ethereum and Polkadot to possess a fresh financial architecture called decentralised finance, or DeFi. As Moneyweb previously reported, the prevailing financial system is made around centralised control, such as for example banks, stock exchanges and insurers. These require intermediaries and brokers who’ve added friction and unnecessary costs to the machine. DeFi eliminates these go-betweens and aims to lessen the costs of transacting through the elimination of the banks, insurers along with other centralised operators from the machine.

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It is possible to borrow, using decentralised platforms such as for example Uniswap (which has its crypto token, also forming area of the Revix Top 10 Bundle). And financing can be applied for in minutes without paperwork whatsoever.

Bitcoin accounts for a lot more than 60% of the full total crypto market cap. Litecoin is undoubtedly the ‘silver’ to bitcoin’s perceived status as ‘digital gold’. While bitcoin won’t have significantly more than 21 million digital coins in issue, Litecoin can expand to 84 million.

Litecoin was made to offer faster transaction speeds than bitcoin, and is positioning itself as a fresh type of digital money, offering speed and a comparatively low price ($29) to interest merchants and investors.

Contratos inteligentes

Ethereum, that is built around ‘smart contracts’ instead of financial intermediaries. Smart contracts use blockchain to permit peer-to-peer transactions with no need for alternative party verification. For example, to borrow R250 000. In the not-too-distant future, international trade, plans, fractional ownership of property, and a large number of other financial transactions will probably happen using smart contracts.

The currency where these will be transacted is going to be Ethereum. Chainlink fulfils another purpose within the developing DeFi space, by looking to solve one of the primary challenges for the practical implementation of smart contracts – connecting blockchains to real-world data – such as for example price feeds or delivery confirmations – through so-called ‘oracles blockchain connectivity’. For smart contracts to work, they want external data sources which are accurate and trusted, and Chainlink aims to supply these.

How exactly to invest?

If you’re working in a established. The Smart Contract Crypto Bundle tracks those cryptocurrencies that enable smart contract functionality you need to include several cryptocurrencies trying to challenge Ethereum’s smart contract dominance. This bundle comprises cryptocurrencies that enable developers to create applications together with their blockchains, similar to how developers build mobile apps together with the Apple mobile iOS operating-system. The cryptos in this bundle include Ethereum, Cardano, Tron, Neo and EOS.

Revix offers a Payment Crypto Bundle, which gives exposure to the biggest five payment-focused cryptocurrencies seeking to become ‘digital cash’ and contend with government-issued fiat currencies to create digital payments cheaper, faster and much more global.

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