Decentralized Finance is creating a strong case alternatively global economic climate. Co-founded by South African entrepreneurs, Tobie van der Spuy and Greg van der Spuy, that are no strangers to the tokenized finance world and also have developed multiple initiatives in the blockchain. What’s the XBE Hive? They’re behind Block Markets Africa, an initiative most known for delivering a tokenized debenture and a tokenized wholesale settlement instrument under Project Khoka 2, dealing with the region’s central and major commercial banks and also other regulatory bodies to provide an improved knowledge of the impact and advantage of DLT on regulated markets. Now XBE Finance sees them creating a essential bridge that joins the requirements of institutional finance with those of the emerging tokenized finance world.

What’s XBE?

The core focus of XBE Finance is on the tokenization of traditional financial instruments; the utility of the instruments within DeFi, and complementary yield products for the retail markets. The XBE team has launched the XBE Hive within their phase two rollout strategy with a concentrate on yield enhancement mechanics built utilizing the Holy Trinity: Decentralised Finance, Curve Finance, and Convex Finance. The XBE Hive approach is easy: allow everyday users to earn more than their current legacy financial loans with a regulatory compliant onramp into decentralized finance.

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What’s the XBE Hive?

XBE Hive simplifies the method of decentralized yield farming through its latest product offering: Easy XBE. The product aims to pass the “mom test” with a core concentrate on simplicity – that’s, if your mom could work it, so can you! All that is required is ETH in a metamask address to benefit from DeFi yields. A mobile application with further simplified processes happens to be in development and likely to be made available immediately after.

This simplified process to yield wouldn’t normally be complete minus the regulatory compliant onramp with licensed finance institutions. This allows users to perform transactions instantly with credit cards, or use SEPA or SWIFT wire transfers to invest in a free of charge IBAN numbered EURO bank-account within their name and use those balances to cover. In turn, they are able to sell their DeFi liquidity back for EUROs through exactly the same service and transfer FIAT via SEPA or SWIFT to other conventional bank accounts within authorized jurisdictions all over the world.

XBE Finance fairly launched its governance token in early 2021, with zero investors or founder allocation. Only 15 000 governance tokens were issued at launch, with an additional 25 000 allocated over 24 months to multiple yield complementary programs attracting both protocol fees in addition to liquidity incentives.

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Next Steps?

As XBE Finance continues its product rollout, another focus is on layer two deployments to combat the high gas fees on Ethereum. All layer two deployments could have their tokens airdropped to holders of locked XBE (veXBE) ensuring all deployments are sufficiently decentralized. Furthermore, the xbNFT Factory with a significant focus on Securities will observe soon after.