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Jaký je plán společnosti Trilliant na kryptografické frakční vlastnictví?

Many people see returns as the main reason to invest in cryptocurrency. It is appealing to think of making a profit while not being involved in the technical details. It can be difficult to achieve investor peace of mind due to the complexities of the cryptocurrency market, which is based on blockchain technology, an unregulated emerging technology that has created new valuation vehicles. These issues can lead to investors feeling uncomfortable.

ATMs Users

ATMs are a vital component of the space, which is well-known to most people. Trilliant offers a fraction of its ATMs to users, and all profits are added to a revenue pool that is split up among investors. These ATMs are the most important point-of-service to withdraw or deposit money from everyday users. Trilliant achieves this by offering a fraction of its ATMs to customers and adding all profits into a revenue pool that is split up among investors.

Trilliant’s project is a reflection of a growing movement towards the withdrawal and deposit cryptocurrency at ATMs around the globe. Trilliant’s whitepaper states that there are less than 2700 dedicated cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide, of which around 40% can process altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, or EOS. Only 30% of ATMs currently allow users to sell Bitcoin (two way), while the majority of machines only allow the purchase of coins (one way).


Trilliant’s offer is an opportunity to everyday investors who may be interested in a stake the cryptocurrency boom for a healthy return via the familiarity of an ATM.

Trilliant is known as the “Fractional ownership program for Next-Generation cryptocurrency ATMs,” and it encourages everyone to participate, from crypto novices to seasoned investors.

Trilliant’s tokens can be used to purchase Fractional Ownership Units online. They also reduce transaction fees when using ATMs. The company leaders expect that the first batch will be shipped in the fall 2018.

The Road Ahead

Trilliant was founded in 2008, when it was launched as an investment vehicle. Crypto Capital AG is the umbrella company behind Trilliant. It is located in Switzerland. Company operations will therefore take place in Zurich.

Trilliant stability is achieved by focusing on ATM operations despite the volatility of cryptocurrency. ATMs make more money from market volume than market value. Trilliant is a different type of cryptocurrency investment; even if the market crashes or spikes volume will still spike.

Sebastian Korbach, founder of Trilliant, stated that the goal is to have at most 500 ATMs in operation by 2019. “Atms currently generate an average revenue of $40,000 USD. We’ll contribute a portion of each ATM’s total revenues to the ATM fractional owner unit owners. We want our machines to be visible at every corner and increase awareness about cryptocurrencies in general.

Vezměte na vědomí

Korbach is a serial entrepreneur who has over 15 years experience in financial markets, payment solutions, and other areas. He has spent three years in the cryptocurrency space. Korbach was asked about Trilliant’s target demographic and he replied, “We believe Trilliant ATMs are a must-have for street corners, especially as governments consider the state-backed coins, crypto fights its own way into mainstream.” We want our hardware to be an open door into the crypto industry.

Korbach continued to highlight the fact that regardless of whether the cryptocurrency market is up or down, they still buy and sell. “We believe that even the average Joe can use our services for steady income, even if he doesn’t have any knowledge about the cryptocurrency world.” Trilliant ATMs will be purchased by contributors to the Tril Token sale. It is expected that each future hardware unit that becomes operational will increase the TRIL Token’s demand.



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