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Může Celo Blockchain posílit DeFi?

Band Protocol introduced on Jun 02 that it has incorporated with Celo blockchain to supply decentralized data oracles also to boost DeFi related routines on Celo Camp – an eight days virtual boot-camp and accelerator for open up finance startups. It will become a mentor to those DeFi start-ups, together with the wants of a16z, Polychain, Winklevoss Capital, C Labs among others. The expertise supplied by the Band Process to the Celo Camp DeFi start-ups would include customizable, great tuned, reliable, versatile and decentralized data oracles for connecting their smart contracts to exterior data. They can also make use of the built-in oracle scripts for crypto cost and volume, random number era, flight and weather information etc.

Protokol kapely

That is also a great chance of Band Protocol to check and additional develop its products in real life. The team provides support for these new tasks in all areas of curiosity.

“The Celo Camp team is proud to possess Band Process, a decentralized cross-chain oracle alternative, as the oracle for several competing startups for connecting their applications with reliable exterior data and APIs. While you can find multiple oracle solutions available, Band Protocol’s solution may be the perfect fit for just about any financial DApp as programmers retain end-to-end versatility to specify data resources and aggregation methods while furthermore having the ability to source data safely in real-time and on-demand.”

Celo Camp

Alon Shavit, Co-Founder & System Director of Celo Camp: “Band Protocol is incredibly excited to be onboarded to Celo Camp because the go-to oracle solution for projects building towards a decentralized open economic climate. This can allow Band Protocol to attain three major goals, donate to Celo’s financial inclusion mission, support real decentralized applications which have a need for a trusted oracle solution, and generate real usage and traction of the BandChain oracle network.

We anticipate collaborating closely with the Celo and Upright team to operate a vehicle innovation in decentralized finance! This is a huge chance of Band Protocol to further ensure that you refine our oracle solution while working closely with real working products that leverage BandChain’s oracle technology. We have been excited to greatly help all startups using Band Protocol by continuously providing multi-faceted support with regards to protocol security & design, usability, fundraising and mentorship – even with the camp wraps up. We strongly have confidence in Celo’s mission to create an open financial system for anybody and so are extremely excited work closely making use of their team to forward their mission. Paul Nattapatsiri, CPO & Co-Founder of Band Protocol

Celo Blockchain

Celo is really a layer 1 EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible Proof Stake (POS) based permissionless blockchain, with a particular concentrate on cross chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi). It aims to create open finance to bankless people also to a person with a smartphone.


Band Protocol is really a cross-chain (multiple blockchain compatible) decentralized data oracle project that delivers and manages real life / event data to smart contracts. It enables the provision of secure and reliable feeds, which are tamper resistant and don’t have an individual point of failure. The project is backed by leading organizations such as for example capital raising firm Sequoia Capital and the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.


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