Band Protocol introduced on Jun 02 that it has incorporated with Celo blockchain to supply decentralized data oracles also to boost DeFi related routines on Celo Camp – an eight days virtual boot-camp and accelerator for open up finance startups. It will become a mentor to those DeFi start-ups, together with the wants of a16z, Polychain, Winklevoss Capital, C Labs among others. The expertise supplied by the Band Process to the Celo Camp DeFi start-ups would include customizable, great tuned, reliable, versatile and decentralized data oracles for connecting their smart contracts to exterior data. They can also make use of the built-in oracle scripts for crypto cost and volume, random number era, flight and weather information etc.

Band Protocol

That is also a great chance of Band Protocol to check and additional develop its products in real life. The team provides support for these new tasks in all areas of curiosity.

“The Celo Camp team is proud to possess Band Process, a decentralized cross-chain oracle alternative, as the oracle for several competing startups for connecting their applications with reliable exterior data and APIs. While you can find multiple oracle solutions available, Band Protocol’s solution may be the perfect fit for just about any financial DApp as programmers retain end-to-end versatility to specify data resources and aggregation methods while furthermore having the ability to source data safely in real-time and on-demand.”

Celo Camp

Alon Shavit, Co-Founder & System Director of Celo Camp: “Band Protocol is incredibly excited to be onboarded to Celo Camp because the go-to oracle solution for projects building towards a decentralized open economic climate. This can allow Band Protocol to attain three major goals, donate to Celo’s financial inclusion mission, support real decentralized applications which have a need for a trusted oracle solution, and generate real usage and traction of the BandChain oracle network.

We anticipate collaborating closely with the Celo and Upright team to operate a vehicle innovation in decentralized finance! This is a huge chance of Band Protocol to further ensure that you refine our oracle solution while working closely with real working products that leverage BandChain’s oracle technology. We have been excited to greatly help all startups using Band Protocol by continuously providing multi-faceted support with regards to protocol security & design, usability, fundraising and mentorship – even with the camp wraps up. We strongly have confidence in Celo’s mission to create an open financial system for anybody and so are extremely excited work closely making use of their team to forward their mission. Paul Nattapatsiri, CPO & Co-Founder of Band Protocol

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Celo Blockchain

Celo is really a layer 1 EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible Proof Stake (POS) based permissionless blockchain, with a particular concentrate on cross chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi). It aims to create open finance to bankless people also to a person with a smartphone.


Band Protocol is really a cross-chain (multiple blockchain compatible) decentralized data oracle project that delivers and manages real life / event data to smart contracts. It enables the provision of secure and reliable feeds, which are tamper resistant and don’t have an individual point of failure. The project is backed by leading organizations such as for example capital raising firm Sequoia Capital and the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Decentraized Financing

The Decentralized Financing (DeFi) entire world has been all around the news in 2021 and touched an evaluated worth of over USD 11 Billion LOCKED in the DeFi financing market only. Many have previously noticed high-interest prices on DeFi platforms introduced for different cryptocurrencies. This post is focused on one promising cryptocurrency known as Kadena coin (KDA). Let’s have a look at it in greater detail.

What’s Kadena Coin?

KDA is really a cryptocurrency. This works exactly like how ETH functions on Ethereum. KDA will be that transaction charge that users spend or pay out to own their transactions involved with a block.

Basically, Kadena is really a public blockchain. Its objective is to work with scalability and highlights a distinctive smart agreement style, this Chainweb comprises of different exclusively mined chains working in parallel to attain network dealings. This Pact contains accepted confirmation and upgradeable smart agreements.

Kadena in addition has created another blockchain that utilizes its unrestricted smart agreement platform. The private blockchain is referred to as Kadena Kuro (earlier ScalableBFT). After 2018, this blockchain can be employed just like a side-chain having an unrestricted blockchain network (such as for example Kadena’s public platform) to progress the transaction speed and strategies and build brand-new marketplaces for information.

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Price Increased

In the last 30 days, the Kadena coin cost has increased by almost +650%. What may be the cause of this price rally? You can find multiple reasons behind this cost rally. As mentioned previously, the Kadena (KDA) is really a scalable protocol that’s still running on the original proof-of-work design. The initial one is the brand-new staking opportunities in the DeFi industry or the migration to the Ethereum network. In accordance with its whitepaper, the network can process around 480,000 dealings per second.

The second cause of this price rally may be the launch of wKDA.

UFO will utilize Kadena’s unique features from our scalable layer.

The KDA project in addition has been listed by various cryptocurrency exchanges such as for example and CoinMetro offering KDA staking.

What’s So Special about Kadena Coin (KDA)?

In accordance with its whitepaper, as Kadena is really a public blockchain platform,

Token Alllocation

During writing this, 15. The next points are highlighting the main element features of Kadena:

Kadena has various features. It has speed, the decentralization property exactly like BTC, smart Contract capacities of Ethereum, and the reduced fee. As stated earlier, the KDA can manage 480,000+ transactions per second (TPS) and contains extremely low gas fees.
Several networks run on an individual chain, During writing this, you can find 20 chains, but more could be attached. Take a look video. The block times/chain for Kadena is 30 seconds, but as stated earlier, 20 chains are operating in parallel, therefore the network block period is 1.5 sec. After scaling 50+ chains, the block period will fall to sub-1 second.

KDA/USD Monthly chart

At this time, the investment in Kadena could possibly be profitable in the next couple of weeks and months. The thing to identify here’s that the investment in KDA ought to be a long-term investment. The bull market is completely action and could develop since it did by the end of 2017 whenever we noticed big changes. KDA’s monthly ROI (PROFITS ON RETURN) is nearly +650% while its a few months ROI is almost +2800%. The reason why the long-term investment is essential is that the yearly ROI is nearly +7600% which is huge.

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